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   Books / Video Training : Powershell Recipes [Packt] (2017)
Powershell Recipes [Packt] (2017)

Powershell Recipes [Packt] (2017)
English | Size: 1.56 GB
Category: Programming | E-learning | Microsoft | Networking
You will learn about the latest upgrade: PowerShell 5.0. The major improvements are in the areas of Desired State Configuration; security; performance; remoting; language enhancements and classes; writing its syntax; building scripts; and developing extensions and modules. You will also gain deep insights into automating various tasks and integrating PowerShell.

In this video course, you will learn how to get started with PowerShell, learn the basics for creating and maintaining your own scripts, and see blueprints on how to leverage PowerShell for common automation and scripting tasks in the vast Microsoft ecosystem of platforms and products.

Style and Approach

This course supplies in-depth content balanced with tutorials that put the theory into practice. The focus of this course is on helping you master Powershell 5 via practical examples and multiple tasks for you to perform.

This practical course carefully walks you through the most common PowerShell scripting tasks. Practical, hands-on examples that will show you how to apply what you learn.

What You Will Learn

* Create and maintain your own scripts.
* Automate and script tasks in the vast Microsoft ecosystem of platforms and products.
* Get hands-on to manage Azure and to set up a local environment.
* Build a basic .NET application.
* Learn to set up and build automation with Psake.


+---01 Installation and Set Up
01 The Course Overview.mp4
02 Starting PowerShell.mp4
03 Editors.mp4
04 Getting Help.mp4

+---02 Introducing Powershell
05 Basic Syntax.mp4
06 Formatting Output.mp4
07 Productivity Tips.mp4

+---03 Getting Powershell on Your Platform
09 PowerShell Out of the Box.mp4
10 Installing and Upgrading PowerShell.mp4
11 Online Module Sources.mp4
12 Aside - Package Managers.mp4

+---04 Windows Management
13 Common Management Tasks.mp4
14 Common Management Tasks(Continued).mp4
15 Tapping into CIM.mp4
16 Running Scripts Remotely.mp4

+---05 Azure Management
17 Setting Up the Local Environment.mp4
18 Provisioning a Virtual Machine.mp4
19 Provisioning a Web Application.mp4
20 Web App Scaling and Application Slots.mp4

+---06 Build and Deploy Automation
21 Writing Good Automation Scripts.mp4
22 Building .NET Applications.mp4
23 Azure Web App Deployment.mp4
24 Customizing Azure Web App.mp4

+---07 Structuring Scripts
25 Scripts Calling Scripts.mp4
26 Scoping.mp4
27 Dot-sourcing.mp4

+---08 Advanced Programming
28 Advanced Functions.mp4
29 Functions for Pipelines.mp4
30 Parameter Validation.mp4
31 Automated Testing with Pester.mp4

+---09 Working with Modules
32 Creating Modules.mp4
33 Metadata and Code Clean Up.mp4
34 Publishing Modules.mp4
35 Module Dependencies.mp4

L---10 .NET Under the Covers
36 NET Concepts in PowerShell.mp4
37 Loading Assemblies.mp4
38 Adding Types.mp4
39 Writing cmdlets.mp4

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