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   Books / Video Training : Work Smarter Not Harder: Productive Time Management
Work Smarter Not Harder: Productive Time Management
Genre: eLearning | MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: aac, 44100 Hz
Language: English | VTT | Size: 754 MB | Duration: 36 mins

Most of us can think of really good reasons to get our work done faster.

What you'll learn

Work smarter, not harder

Optimize your productivity

Take on more tasks, improving your reputation and increasing your earnings

Enjoy more free


Bring an attitude of eagerness for improved productivity, and willingness to incorporate the strats offered


Maybe we want to do more tasks and earn more money, or maybe we want more free . Either way, if you would like to improve your productivity by streamlining your work day, this course is for you!

Packed with useful tips and strats for maximizing your and minimizing your effort, this course is a must-have for anyone who wants to increase productivity and get through their work faster.

The content for this course comes from trainings I've taken on management (in the legal field, where is literally money since attorneys bill by the hour) in addition to strats I've discovered for myself along the way to maximize my production while minimizing my efforts. Together, this course is a concise powerhouse of useful tips to help you strategize your work day and your working life for optimal productivity. The tips are simple and easy to employ, and strats are provided to help you incorporate the ones that may be more difficult for you such as putting an end to procrastination! The course is short because it doesn't need to be any longer than it is. I'm interested in saving your and mine, and in creating such a short, concise course I'm working smarter, not harder, and allowing you to also work smarter, not harder, by not wasting your drawing it out any longer than it needs to be. In just 30 minutes, you'll discover a range of tips and strats that will help optimize your productivity, freeing you up for more earning capacity or more play , or both!

I've been able to develop extremely productive strats that have enabled me to both take on more work and increase my earnings, as well as increase my free . When you are super productive with your and enes, you truly can have it all! This course provides you with the insights that will help you maximize your productivity by showing you how to use your wisely and well.

The small investment you will make in this course will pay off for you for years to come. You'll be able to take on more tasks than your colleagues, which will impress the bosses, and you'll be able to have more free to enjoy. In short, you have nothing to lose from this course! But, so much to gain.

Use PRODUCTIVE10 to get in for $10.

So join me now! Let me share with you the strats, tips and techniques that I've been using for many years to streamline my own life, and let me help you, too, work smarter, not harder.

Who this course is for:

Best suited for those interested in increasing their productivity

Good for those who want more free

Perfect for those who want to get their work done more quickly

Great for those wishing to have more for additional tasks

Ideal for workers wanting to impress their supervisors by completing work quickly and taking on more work

Not suited for those who don't want to make any changes in their daily routines or approaches to tasks





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