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   Games / PC : Steel Division Normandy 44 Update Build 80629-CODEX

CODEX has released the Update Build 80629 for game "Steel Division Normandy 44? for Windows . Enjoy
Steel Division Normandy 44 Update Build 80629-CODEX
Genre:Action, Simulation, Strategy
Developer:Eugen Systems
Publisher:Paradox Interactive
Release name: Steel.Division.Normandy.44.Update.Build.80629-CODEX
Size 100MB
Links: Steam
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   Games / PC : Vanquish-CODEX


Publisher: SEGA | Developer: PlatinumGames , Little Stone Software | Retail Date: 25 May, 2017
Platform: PC | Protection: Steam | Genre: Action
Langauge: English | Size: 17.1 GiB


PlatinumGames' revolutionary sci-fi action shooter slide-boosts onto PC. Battle legions of future-tech enemies using a vast arsenal of weapons, including all DLC. Fully unlocked framerate and gorgeous HD resolutions up to 4K. The definitive way to play: war has accelerated.

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   Games / PC : Rise Of The Tomb Raider 20 Years Celebration-CPY

Rise Of The Tomb Raider 20 Years Celebration-CPY
Rise Of The Tomb Raider 20 Years Celebration-CPY

Publisher: Square Enix | Developer: Crystal Dynamics | Retail Date: 11 Oct, 2016
Platform: PC | Protection: Steam + Denuvo v3 x64 | Genre: Action, Adventure
Langauge: English | Size: 33.7 GiB


In the wake of her father's death, Lara's uncle challenges her ownership of Croft Manor. Lara must explore her childhood home in the new "Blood Ties" story mode to reclaim her legacy and uncover a family mystery that will change her life forever.

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   Games / PC : Embers of Mirrim-CODEX

Embers of Mirrim-CODEX
Release: 05/2017
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Creative Bytes Studios
Publisher: Creative Bytes Studios
Language: English
Size: 1GB

To save their world from an alien threat, two proud races must set aside their differences and come together... literally. Embers of Mirrim is an adventure-platformer featuring a mystical creature with the ability to split into light and dark embers, each independently controlled by the analog sticks.
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   Games / PC : Production Line Alpha v1.20

Production Line Alpha v1.20
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
Developer: Positech Games
Publisher: Positech Games
Release Date: 1 Jun, 2017
Language: English
Size: 215 MB

Production line is the new car factory management/simulation/tycoon game that pushes your organisational and entrepreneurship skills to the limit. Can you build the ultimate optimised, free-flowing car production line whilst beating the competition and still turn a profit?
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   Games / PC : TY the Tasmanian Tiger Update v1.11-CODEX

TY the Tasmanian Tiger Update v1.11-CODEX
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Krome Studios
Publisher: Krome Studios
Release Date: 13 Dec, 2016
Language: English
Size: 6.70 MB

STONE THE CROWS! Are you ready to explore the wilds of the Australian Outback in this remastered version of the classic game, TY the Tasmanian Tiger?
Join TY on a RIPPER of an adventure to free his family from the DREAMING and stop the nefarious evil genius BOSS CASS from removing mammals from the top of the food chain. To help you on your quest, you've got a BEAUT arsenal of boomerangs, sharp teeth, and the help of a few friends!
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   Games / PC : Impact Winter-CODEX

Impact Winter-CODEX
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Developer: Mojo Bones
Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Release Date: 23 May, 2017
Language: English
Size: 1.30 GB

A mysterious radio transmission claims that help is inbound. You are Jacob Solomon: leader of a makeshift team trying to survive the aftermath of a devastating asteroid collision. The world you once knew is no more - buried deep beneath the constant snowfall. Your goal: keep your companions alive until rescue.
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   Games / PC : Ruby Maze Adventure 2-F4CG

Ruby Maze Adventure 2-F4CG
Genre: Aracde
Developer: Big fish Games
Publisher: Big fish Games
Release Date: 23 May, 2017
Language: English
Size: 20.1 MB

Ruby is a freshly baked archaeologist at the University of Sandclows. Although she's just a little girl, she's brave at heart. There's nothing more fun and exciting for Ruby than to explore the dark hallways of ancient pyramids, full of bottomless pits and piles of treasure.
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   Games / PC : Bloom A Bouquet for Everyone-F4CG

Bloom A Bouquet for Everyone-F4CG
Genre: Aracde
Developer: Iwin
Publisher: Iwin
Release Date: 23 May 2017
Language: English
Size: 94.6 MB

Jasmine always loved flowers, and so she decided to share their beauty with everyone. She began with a single flower shop and soon managed shops all around the world. Whether it was Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, a bouquet of flowers to celebrate a special event or just to show compassion, Jasmine knew exactly what her customers needed.
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   Games / PC : Magnificent Ships Volume 1 VR

Magnificent Ships Volume 1 VR
Genre: Casual
Developer: VROOM
Publisher: VROOM
Release Date: 28 Nov, 2016
Language: English
Size: 292 MB

Model ship lovers rejoice! This is a collection of six finely-detailed vessels for viewing at both room- and full-scale with a VR headset. You can stroll along their decks or pick them up for a closer look. Models are displayed on a beautifully-rendered ocean with a dynamic day/night cycle that you can control. Each ship includes an "action" event, whereby mighty cannons fire, ship horns bellow, the submarine dives, etc. Only exteriors of ships are modeled, as the high level of detail is already pushing system requirements to their limits.
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