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   Games / PC : Warring States-PLAZA

Warring States-PLAZA
English | PC | 2018 | 0.98 GB
Genre: Indie

Warring States: Tactics 15 Single-player Story Missions 12 Single-player/Multi-player Battle maps (vs Humans or AI) 2-4 Player Local and Online Multi-player Original Soundtrack composed with the actual sounds of classical Chinese musical instruments Hex-based / Turn-based (IGOUGO) combat Unique Tactical Point system: Earn Tactical Points for making sound tactical decisions (flanking, spears vs cavalry, defending high ground, etc.
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   Games / PC : UAYEB-CODEX

English | PC | 2018 | 8.69 GB
Genre: Violent

This is an Indie game made by one person only, and two actors for the voices. UAYEB is a solo story driven adventure / survival / puzzle game, placed in an open world of 16km2, with the immersive First Person view. Craft your equipment and explore a vast world to find Mayans artifacts. Game details: This is not a survival sandbox game. The survival parts are used to add variety and difficulty to the adventure.
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   Games / PC : The Way-DARKSiDERS

English | PC | 2018 | 431.21 MB
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie

Journey to another planet and discover its secrets in order to bring your loved one back to life. Experience an adventure, inspired by old school classics like Another World, Heart of Darkness and Flashback.
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   Games / PC : The Unwelcomed-HI2U

The Unwelcomed-HI2U
English | PC | 2018 | 1.64 GB
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation

You\'ve spent the day lounging about your apartment, contemplating what else to watch on TV. As you gaze around the room, you remember that there was an official looking letter that came in the mail - perhaps you should open it and see what it is...
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   Games / PC : Sniper Training Camp-DARKSiDER

Sniper Training Camp-DARKSiDER
English | PC | 2018 | 537.81 MB
Genre: FPS, RPG, Adventure, Gore

Simulate the real ballistic data, and carry out shooting training for all kinds of guns at various distances, such as near, middle and far distance, comprehensive shooting training programs, abundant firearms and equipment, and detailed training difficulty division.
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   Games / PC : Repulsanoid-DARKSiDERS

English | PC | 2018 | 0.99 GB
Genre: Puzzle, Exoerimental, Indie

Repulsanoid is a unique but simple 3D Puzzle game, that features a one-of-a-kind control method and provides a wide variety of challenges based around it. It tasks the player with controlling the bounds of the stage, rather than a character. It\'s a stress-free, but engaging test of your reflexes and 3D thinking.
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   Games / PC : Remothered Tormented Fathers-SKIDROW

Remothered Tormented Fathers-SKIDROW
English | PC | 2018 | 6.78 GB
Genre: Action/Adventure

Remothered: Tormented Fathers is the pure and realistic survival horror videogame. A game by Darril Arts, directed by Chris Darril, developed by Stormind Games.
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   Games / PC : Princess Evangile All Ages Version-DARKSiDERS

Princess Evangile All Ages Version-DARKSiDERS
English | PC | 2018 | 2.82 GB
Genre: Visual Novel, Anime, Romance, Cute, HENTAi!

This romance visual novel explores the question of gender integration at a private school. A curious series of events leads to our hero becoming the only boy at a prestigious girls\' academy... But over 99% of the girls are against integration!
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   Games / PC : Pawarumi-SKIDROW

English | PC | 2018 | 976.23 MB
Genre: Action

Pawarumi is a modern shoot em up set in a retro futuristic sci-fi pre-Columbian universe. You ll take control of the almighty ship Chukaru and its three unique weapons! Shoot wisely to either do double damage, heal yourself or charge your Super Attack!
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   Games / PC : Outcast-Second Contact-GOG

Outcast-Second Contact-GOG
English | PC | 2018 | 5.40 GB
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-fi

Take the role Cutter Slade, a tried and tested elite soldier, and explore the planet Adelpha with complete freedom. As you journey in this magnificent world, where magic and science mix, discover exotic cities, face fierce enemies and attempt to learn the secrets of an advanced civilization. Make the correct choices in this systemic, living world, because the destiny of these two universes depends on your success.
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