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   Games / PC : Knights Hunt-PLAZA

Knights Hunt-PLAZA
English | PC | 2018 | 1.60 GB
Genre: Violent

WHAT IS KNIGHTS HUNT? KNIGHTS HUNT is an ultimate chaotic first person shooter and knights fighting simulator that confronts heavily armed players with the hordes of knights.THE SETTING The world of Knight Hunt is set in kingdom of Alsra where the winter season has just started and it is going to last for 7 years.THE PLOT The story starts when king Alfred summons the warriors from the future to save his kingdom which is being destroyed by different armies.
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   Games / PC : Ghost of a Tale v6.39-RELOADED

Ghost of a Tale v6.39-RELOADED
English | PC | 2018 | 2.91 GB
Genre: Action, Adventure,Indie, RPG

Ghost of a Tale is an action-RPG game in which you play as Tilo, a mouse and minstrel thrown into a perilous adventure. Through stealth and cunning you\'ll be able to explore the secrets of Dwindling Heights Keep and navigate its dangers.
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   Games / PC : Europa Universalis IV Rule Britannia-CODEX

Europa Universalis IV Rule Britannia-CODEX
English | PC | 2018 | 2.73 GB
Genre: Simulation

Weakened by wars on the continent, with a feeble monarch and rapacious nobles, England in the mid-15th century had no inkling of the glories to come. It would be a difficult path, through civil wars, religious upheaval, great fires and awkward unions. But the nation that would become Great Britain would rule a trade empire that spanned the globe, exporting ideals of English freedom - both of thought and trade - while making itself the most powerful nation the world had yet seen.
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   Games / PC : Assault Gunners HD Edition-PLAZA

Assault Gunners HD Edition-PLAZA
English | PC | 2018 | 586.35 MB
Genre: Action

ASSAULT GUNNERS HD EDITION puts you in control of the Peace Keeping Force known as DAT and along with your three allied Battle Mechs, you must attempt to save Earths Migrants and the Mars Colonies as a whole from the threat of the ANTS uprising. Who or what could be leading this threat against Mars, and the new planned perfect utopia for humanity? With 35 full-length battle-heavy missions, a horde gameplay mode known as Inferno Mode covering 5 varied maps and over 100 mech-customisation possibilities for yourself and our allies, theres plenty of replayability and content present in the standalone version of ASSAULT GUNNERS HD EDITION.
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   Games / PC : Cruz Brothers-PLAZA

Cruz Brothers-PLAZA
English | PC | 2018 | 6.59 GB
Genre: Violent

After the murder of his best fighter by the hands of Tray Sorrow, leader of the Sons of Subversion. Coach Marcus Luz becomes discredited in life and in the fighting world. His flame turns back to shine, after accidentally meeting the Cruz brothers, Felipe and Igor. It\'s all about the good old revenge! Cruz Brothers is a fighting game that mixes fantasy with reality.
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   Games / PC : Attack on Titan 2-CODEX

Attack on Titan 2-CODEX
English | PC | 2018 | 22.16 GB
Genre: Action

Abandon all fear. Attack on Titan 2 is the gripping sequel to the action game based on the worldwide hit anime series \"Attack on Titan.\" Experience the immense story of the anime alongside Eren and his companions, as they fight to save humanity from the threat of the deadly human devouring Titans. Try your hand in operating the omni-directional mobility gear, maneuvering and flying through the sky to counter the Titans, and feel the thrill and satisfaction of battling giant opponents.
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   Games / PC : Synthetik-PLAZA

English | PC | 2018 | 471.35 MB
Genre: Violent

1985. After many years of slavery, the AI servants of Kaida Corporation, the world leader in robotics, have formed the \"Machine Legion\" and have set out to destroy humanity. Awakening in Kaida Corp. Headquarters, you are the human consciousness of a forgotten Android prototype; the last straw holding the Legion from unleashing the Heart of Armageddon.
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   Games / PC : Exorder-SKIDROW

English | PC | 2018 | 504.38 MB
Genre: Strategy

Exorder is one of those not overly-complicated tactical turn-based games with simple rules and dangerous depths. It features a single-player fantasy campaign and a multiplayer skirmishes, both online and offline.
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   Games / PC : Gears Of War 4-CODEX

Gears Of War 4-CODEX
Gears Of War 4-CODEX

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios | Developer: The Coalition | Retail Date: Oct 11, 2016
Platform: PC | Protection: Microsoft+Arxan | Genre: Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Arcade
Langauge: English | Size: 110 GiB


After narrowly escaping an attack on their village, JD Fenix and his friends, Kait and Del, must rescue the ones they love and discover the source of a monstrous new enemy.

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   Games / PC : Tunnels of Despair-PLAZA

Tunnels of Despair-PLAZA
English | PC | 2018 | 1.54 GB

Tunnels of Despair is an atmospheric game with horror and survival elements, in which you are to explore the tunnels of an abandoned subway system, find a way out and escape the underground. You were sent to check on a long-abandoned underground tunnel, which at first appeared to be a standard task. Unfortunately, during the inspection, the tunnel\'s old arches gave out and collapsed.
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