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   Software / Graphic & Design : Raya Pro 3.0 (Win/macOS)
Raya Pro 3.0 (Win/macOS)
Raya Pro 3.0 (Win/macOS) | 99 Mb

The panel that makes Photoshop and Digital Blending simple. Raya Pro is one of the finest panels for Photoshop. It makes digital blending extremely easy - just a click of a button and the blending is done.

Blend Exposures With Ease
- Works in ALL Languages
- Instant Digital Blending
- 16 Bit Luminosity Masks Made Easy
- Jimmy's Presets:
- 3 Beautiful Sharpening Tools
Beautiful Images With A Few Clicks
- 4 Magical Orton Effects
- Dodge & Burn With Ease
- Enhance Incredible Details
- Awesome Filters
- Clean CA
- Frequency Separation
- Easy Vignettes
Speed Up & Simplify Your Workflow
- 6 Custom Buttons: You
Decide Their Function!
- Make Your Images Perfect For The Web
- Beautiful Golden Hour Glow
- Amazing Sharpening Technique
Auto Exposure blending for complete beginners
48 different 16 Bit Luminosity Masks
16 Bit Precision Masks
Easy Filters
Instant Digital Blending Method 1: Rapid Blend If
Instant Digital Blending Method 2: Apply Image
Instant Digital Blending Method 3: Gradient Masks
Instant Digital Blending Method 4: GMs + Apply Image
Instant Digital Blending Method 5: Range Masks
Layer Any Exposures With One Click
Auto-Align All Layers
Select Luminosity Masks With One Click, Without Going To The Channels Palette
Subtract Any Luminosity Mask From A Selection With One Click
View Black & White Mask With One Click
Colour Zones
Saturation Masks
Sharpening Without Edging
Frequency Separation (16 bit & 8 bit)
Use a Simple Slider To Create & Shape Luminosity Masks For a Perfect Selection
Use 4 Of Jimmy's Shadow Luminosity Masks Presets With One Click, To Make Accurate Shadow Selections Without Intersecting Channels
CC 2014 & CC 2015 Users Benefit From The New Range Mask Function, Created By Jimmy McIntyre - They Make Extremely Accurate Luminosity Masks
Easy One-Click Buttons, Like Delete, Make Smart Object, and Deselect, That Will Speed Up Your Workflow
Merge All Files Non-Destructively
3 Auto-Colour Correct Buttons
Manual Colour Correct Button
Easy Adjust Any Colours In Your Image
Easy Filters For Instant Improvements
Contrast Zones
Turn Your Photo Black & White
4 Orton Effects
Many Dodge & Burn Options
Detail Enhancers
Clean Chromatic Aberration
Easy Vignettes
Create Autumn Colours
Make Your Image Glow
Make Your Sunset/Sunrise Glow
6 Custom Buttons: You Decide Their Function!
Perfect Sharpening & Web Preparation, Which Leaves Your Images Sharp, With The Ideal Colour Profile And Size
Targeted Contrast
Make Targeted Colours More Vivid/Desaturated
Apply A Precise Mask To Any Layer To Make Your Image Cleaner
Noise Removal
Fake HDR
Full Size Sharpening
Contrast Punch
CS6 and CC (including the latest version of CC)​






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