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   Software / MacOSX : FontBook 5.0.5

FontBook 5.0.5
FontBook 5.0.5 | macOS | 12 mb

FontBook is the ultimate font utility for all macOSusers who require a quick, easy and comprehensive overview of all their fonts.

: macOS 10.11 or later 64-bit

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   Software / MacOSX : Priime Styles 1.5.1

Priime Styles 1.5.1
Priime Styles 1.5.1 | macOS | 111 mb

Apply professional photo presets created and used by the world's best modern day photographers.

- Featuring over 100 photo styles: Apply professional-grade photo styles (also known as presets or filters), which are created in collaboration with the world's top photographers in the form of their photographic styles.

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   Software / MacOSX : Jettison 1.7

Jettison 1.7
Jettison 1.7 | macOS | 5 mb

Jettison automatically ejects external disks from your Mac before your computer goes to sleep.

Jettison even makes sure that Time Machine backups and file server volumes are properly shut down before they're removed. Your backups and shared files are safe and sound.

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   Software / MacOSX : IconJar 1.11

IconJar 1.11
IconJar 1.11 | macOS | 8 mb

Designed to make the life of app developers and designers a little bit easier, IconJar is a lightweight and user-friendly icon organizer for your Mac.

Everything feels natural and looks top notch thanks to a responsive and native macOS interface, with a Set panel on the left side, a tag panel on the right side, and a search bar on the upper right part of the main window.

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   Software / MacOSX : iThoughtsX 5.11

iThoughtsX 5.11
iThoughtsX 5.11 Multilingual | macOS | 33 mb

iThoughtsX enables you to visually organise your thoughts, ideas and information

- Course notes/revision

- Project planning

- Brainstorming



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   Software / MacOSX : Things 3.7

Things 3.7
Things 3.7 Multilingual | macOS | 18 mb

Meet the all-new Things! A complete rethinking of the original, award-winning task manager - with a perfect balance between simplicity and power, incredible new features, delightful interactions, and a timeless new design.

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   Software / MacOSX : Flume Pro CR2

Flume Pro CR2
Flume Pro | Multilingual | macOS | 40 mb

Flume brings the world of Instagram to your desktop with gorgeous edge-to-edge photography, direct messaging, upload support and much more.

Upload photos and videos direct to Instagram, with support for original or square formats, tagged locations and captions.

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   Software / MacOSX : Acorn 6.2

Acorn 6.2
Acorn 6.2 | macOS | 14 mb

Acorn is a new image editor built with one goal in mind - simplicity. Fast, easy, and fluid, Acorn provides the options you'll need without any overhead. Acorn feels right, and won't drain your bank account.

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   Software / MacOSX : iNet Network Scanner 2.5

iNet Network Scanner 2.5
iNet Network Scanner 2.5 | macOS | 91 mb

iNet - explore your network!

iNet provides you with information about networks and devices your Mac is connected to. Its very easy and user friendly design even allows the unexperienced user to get a profound and understandable overview of a network, the running services and the Wi-Fi quality.

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   Software / MacOSX : PointWise 18.2 R2

PointWise 18.2 R2
PointWise 18.2 R2 | 1.9 Gb

Pointwise has released a new, updated version of its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) mesh generation software. Building on experiences gained through participation in CFD workshops, this new release includes the ability to customize the near-wall mesh for accurate and efficient boundary layer resolution.

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