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   Software / MacOSX : FilmLight Daylight v4.4m1.9817 MacOSX

FilmLight Daylight v4.4m1.9817 MacOSX
File size: 232 MB

Daylight is a powerful dailies platform for shot management and high-performance transcoding. It is designed as a compact yet powerful grading decision tool to help DoPs and directors establish looks and visualise what they have shot, on set or on location, as well as meeting all of the sophisticated deliverables requirements-in one application.
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   Software / MacOSX : iExplorer 4.1.5 macOS

iExplorer 4.1.5 macOS
File size: 26 MB

iExplorer is an iPhone browser for Mac lets you view the files on your iOS device. By using a drag and drop interface, you can quickly copy files and folders between your Mac and your iPhone or iTouch. It works with both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones and works quickly with a standard USB cable.
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   Software / MacOSX : DSSW Power Manager 4.6.2 (Mac OSX)

DSSW Power Manager 4.6.2 (Mac OSX)

DSSW Power Manager 4.6.2 macOS | 13 MB
Power Manager is the solution for reducing the energy costs of Mac computers. Use Power Manager to assert control over when your Macs are available and when they are switched off. Power Manager extends the scheduling functionality provided by OS X's Energy Saver. Unlike Energy Saver, Power Manager is aware of multiple users, offers unrestricted schedules, provides greater customisation, and supports a wider range of actions.
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   Software / MacOSX : Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 Collection MacOSX incl.Keygen-XFORCE

Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 Collection MacOSX incl.Keygen-XFORCE
Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 Collection MacOSX incl.Keygen-XFORCE | 19.6 GB
Languages: English

Creative Cloud offers the best creative tools in the world, always up to date. And now, all the apps and resources, including new Adobe Stock images are always at your fingertips right there where they serve. And everything is perfectly connected through Adobe CreativeSync technology, so you can easily turn your brightest ideas in your best projects across desktops and mobile devices. MAKE IT. CREATIVE CLOUD.
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   Software / MacOSX : PullTube 0.10.10 Multilingual macOS

PullTube 0.10.10 Multilingual macOS
File size: 15 MB

A beautiful Youtube + Vimeo video downloader for your Mac.
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   Software / MacOSX : MediaHuman YouTube Downloader (Mac OSX)

MediaHuman YouTube Downloader (Mac OSX)

MediaHuman YouTube Downloader MacOSX | 28.4 MB
MediaHuman YouTube Downloader is a handy application for those who found a favorite music video or trailer of a new movie and wants to keep it on your computer for viewing offline. Or you need to download a video lesson/tutorial. Our video downloader is an ideal solution for such kind of tasks.
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   Software / MacOSX : M4VGear 4.3.8 Multilingual macOS

M4VGear 4.3.8 Multilingual macOS
File size: 37 MB

An intuitive and powerful Mac OS X application for converting DRM protected videos from your iTunes library to the DRM-free MP4 format. Some iTunes videos, TV shows and music videos are protected by digital rights management (DRM) in order to prevent illegal distribution and transfer between devices. To remove the DRM protection from iTunes M4V videos, you need a specialized 3rd party application, such as M4VGear.
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   Software / MacOSX : Membrane Pro 1.1.9 macOS

Membrane Pro 1.1.9 macOS
File size: 92.9 MB

Membrane is a Mac application that lets you create album artworks, Facebook covers, YouTube channel arts, and much more easily.
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   Software / MacOSX : Wolfram Mathematica 11.1.1 MacOSX

Wolfram Mathematica 11.1.1 MacOSX
Wolfram Mathematica 11.1.1 MacOSX | 3.34 GB
A computer algebra system that includes many tools for mathematical calculations, graphing, working with data from the wolfram cloud or databases. It is widely used in scientific, engineering, mathematical and computer fields.
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   Software / MacOSX : Sketch 46 (Mac OSX)

Sketch 46 (Mac OSX)

Sketch 46 MacOSX | 24MB
Sketch: graphic design for a digital world. Powerful tools and an elegant interface, in a single award-winning package. Because making beautiful things should be a joy, not a burden. Sketch supports multiple fills, borders and shadows per layer; has powerful non-destructive boolean operations; smart pixel alignment; and makes exporting a breeze with automatic slicing and multiple resolution export.
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