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   Software / MacOSX : Jixipix Watercolor Studio Pro 1.2.5 macOS

Jixipix Watercolor Studio Pro 1.2.5 macOS
Jixipix Watercolor Studio Pro 1.2.5 macOS | File size: 505 MB

Watercolor Studio creates fluid, liquidy, translucent watercolors with paint that flows naturally. Built on-top of an incredible rendering system that uses real-world techniques, this application does the initial work, producing a watercolor instantly, then allows you to customize your paintings using an array of Sliders, Layers, Brushes, Color Washes and Artistic finishes. The end result-print quality watercolors filled with transparent luminosity and sheer beauty.

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   Software / MacOSX : Scrutiny 8.1.0 macOS

Scrutiny 8.1.0 macOS
macOS 10.8 or later | Language: English | Size: 9 MB

Optimizing your website for search engines can improve your ranking in the search results pages and naturally bring more users to your site. Scrutiny is a website analysis tool that can help you check if there are any broken links on your website, create a sitemap, check for spelling errors, run SEO checks, and so on.

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   Software / MacOSX : EtreCheck 4.3.1 (4D024) macOS

EtreCheck 4.3.1 (4D024) macOS
macOS 10.9 or later | Language: English | Size: 11 MB

EtreCheck is an app that displays the important details of your system configuration and allow you to copy that information to the Clipboard. It is meant to be used with Apple Support Communities to help people help you with your Mac. EtreCheck automatically removes any personally identifiable information from the output. EtreCheck will automatically alert you to serious problems like adware, insufficient RAM, or a failing hard drive.]

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   Software / MacOSX : PDF Expert 2.4.1 Multilingual macOS

PDF Expert 2.4.1 Multilingual macOS
macOS 10.11 or later | Language: Multilingual | Size: 44 MB

PDF Expert springs into action with smooth scrolling and fast search from the first document you select. PDFs open instantly, whether they are just small email attachments or 2000-page reports.

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   Software / MacOSX : iSubtitle 3.1 Multilingual macOS

iSubtitle 3.1 Multilingual macOS
macOS 10.10 or later | Language: English | Size: 25 MB

iSubtitle lets you create soft-subtitled movies for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iTunes or any AVFoundation/QuickTime-based player or app. It's the first and only application to take full advantage of Apple's soft-subtitle technology. The subtitle tracks are resolution-independent and rendered in real-time as you watch the movie.

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   Software / MacOSX : iRingg 1.0.30 macOS

iRingg 1.0.30 macOS
macOS 10.10 or later | Language: English | Size:.26 MB

iRingg will allow you to make personalized ringtones from virtually anything you can find on the internet. Easily trim the segment of audio from songs in your iTunes library, or find them instantly on SoundCloud or YouTube. Add sound effects (called SndMoji™?) or record your own voice and use filters to create extremely personal ringtones. Push freshly created ringtones directly to an iPhone (wired or wireless connection) and it will appear in the default ringtones section.

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   Software / MacOSX : CCleaner Pro 1.15.507 Multilingual macOS

CCleaner Pro 1.15.507 Multilingual macOS
CCleaner Pro 1.15.507 Multilingual macOS | File Size: 6.34 MB

CCleaner is a system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing your Mac to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history.

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   Software / MacOSX : Boinx mimoLive 4.0.3 macOS

Boinx mimoLive 4.0.3 macOS
File size: 39.6 MB

Imagine if you had a full blown TV studio at your disposal. A studio, that would allow you to "make TV" like the big guys. With mimoLive on your Mac, such a studio is now within your reach. mimoLive is easy to learn and quick to master. And it leaves nothing left to be desired with powerful graphics and technologies like greenscreen that allows you to let your imagination run wild. It's the perfect solution for everything from school morning announcements and community TV, to events and conferences, podcasting and webinars, video game streaming and more.

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   Software / MacOSX : DCommander 3.5.1 macOS

DCommander 3.5.1 macOS
Language: English | File size: 9.1 MB
DCommander is a two-panel file manager that gives you full control over your computer's filesystem.
Optimized for quick access and user-friendliness, DCommander provides a perfect companion for new Mac users transitioning from other operating systems, as well as advanced power users that demand more control of their computer.

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   Software : Windows 10 RS4 17134.81 20in2 English (x86/x64) May2018 Permantly Activated

Windows 10 RS4 17134.81 20in2 English (x86/x64) May2018 Permantly Activated
Windows 10 RS4 17134.81 20in2 English (x86/x64) May2018 Permantly Activated | File Size: 2.56/3.46 GB

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