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   Video Training : Drawing from Reference-How to Maximize your Reference Photo's Potential

Drawing from Reference-How to Maximize your Reference Photo's Potential
Drawing from Reference-How to Maximize your Reference Photo's Potential
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Drawing & Painting | MP4
If you have ever had difficulty of knowinghowto use photographs for reference in your Drawings or Paintings. Maybe you have already been doing Art for years, and are looking to refresh your observational skills. Perhapsyou have agrasp of the basics and want to venture in further to theory and technique? This class is for you.

What to expect
We will go over in-depth conceptual and technical tactics that can help re-define how you look at and viewphoto reference in your work.
I will be breaking down my methods in a painting I've already completed in contrast to the photo I took my reference from. This class divesinto concepts and methodologies that can help elevate your critical thinking in one's approach toworking from reference.
Should I take this Class?
Afirmunderstanding of Art and Design Fundamentals is recommended as thisclass is designed for the Intermediate student looking to refinetheir critical skills, offering a broad stage-by-stage process in the creation of a Painting. Heavy ondemonstration, this class presents Intermediate-Advanced techniques in assessing reference material with a number ofexercisesyou canemploy in developing these observational skills.
Class Origins
I spent a lot of time developing my own drawing skills through master copies and flat images, as I did not have much access to Life Drawing in terms of wanting to get better, faster. Over the years I have developed a number of strategies and techniques for myself that have helped me develop3D forms and impressions, both accurately and creatively.
Can I follow along?
  • I welcome folks ofalllevels to my classes. But please note thisisnota follow along project with the beginner in mind. Join us and see if something makes sense or sparks ideas!
  • I will be providing a class outline which has repeatable exercises, which you can then apply toany project you wish. It is available in the PDF below.
  • There are 2 options for projects:Long formwhich is a full Painting andShort formwhich is a series of exercises basedon the techniques.
  • There is no tech, software or specific material needed. It can be pencil and computer paper or the latest iPad and Apple Pencil. Whatever medium you use, these concepts can be applied.

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